We are a group of Iraqi-Canadians from Montreal who share a belief in Liberal Democracy as the only hope for the future of Iraq.

In the wake of the Samarra bombing of 2006, we called for a UN run Census and Elections for Iraq (UNCEI) in a petition to the UN. The electoral situation in Iraq went from bad to worse, a notable landmark is the elections of 2018 where Iraqi observers noted general participation of about 20% of registered voters, while the official Iraqi government statement gave a figure of 44%. Low voter turnout implies the existence of fraud and loss of legitimacy.

Anti government popular demonstrations started in October 2019 calling for UN run elections, 1000 unarmed demonstrators were brutally killed and the demonstrations were ongoing in May 2020. 

The situation is so bad, there is substantial fraud in the citizenship database, which will make fraud endemic in any future election under the present polity. Therefore we believe that Iraq should be re-constituted from the ground up with a plebiscite, a solution should not be imposed from the top down as some political plans suggest.

We are asking for the position of US presidential candidates on Iraq and proposing compensation to the families of victims and UN run plebiscite for the future of Iraq.

Point of contact: Faisal Kadri >>> flkadri26 >> at >> gmail >> dot >> com